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Examples that convince.

NOVIS has been successfully facing big challenges. From famous sports brands, to the European Central Bank, to regional exhibitions.

German sports brand.

Our NOVIS CustomLine monitor solution fits discreetly and elegantly into this permanent exhibition of a large German sports brand. With a high-resolution LCD display, glass touch screen, powerful stereo speakers and an elegant design, the monitor offers everything you need to stimulate the visitors' senses. The thrilling insight into the history of the brand is perfectly rounded off with exciting interaction and information by the NOVIS CustomLine monitor solution.

Exhibition of a German number one sports brand with NOVIS monitors

NOVIS CustomLine special designed as desired

ECB meeting room in Frankfurt with NOVIS monitors

Designed FLO CustomLine NOVIS – European Central Bank Frankfurt

European Central Bank.

Our NOVIS CustomLine monitor solutions can also be found at lofty heights, such as here in the conference room on the 42nd floor of the new European Central Bank building in Frankfurt am Main. The European finance ministers are reliably supported here with high-quality hardware in making far-reaching decisions. The NOVIS CustomLine monitors are specially adapted to the conference situation and are attached to the meeting tables and, additionally equipped with powerful stereo speakers, present content in a visually and aurally appealing manner and without reducing the direct visual contact with the other person.

Film Exhibition.

Even if the ambience calls for restraint, the NOVIS CustomLine monitor solution is the right choice. Thanks to the bright IPS panel, which delivers razor-sharp images even at steep viewing angles and with the optional anti-reflective coating, even in rooms flooded with light, immersing yourself in the moving images of this film exhibition is certainly a real and unclouded pleasure for visitors.

Temporary film exhibition with our Customline monitors

With our built-in monitor, we bring your vision to life. Contact us now for individual solutions with the highest demands on design and technology.

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