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The elegant monitor for businesses

You should buy this elegant monitor

The good looking monitor Loft desktop was developed exactly for this use in representative areas. It impresses with its clear appearance, consists freely configurable elements and avoids visible technical details such as cables and glands. We use all high-quality materials such as aluminum and glass. With beautiful brushed surfaces and high-quality edge processing. Our new anti-mirrored front glass shines with clear optics and ensures high-contrast and vivid IPS image quality. Also in terms of functionality, the elegant monitor LOFT desktop is absolutely unique. Its equipment options include, for example, the attachment of its own branding, a privacy screen or a second screen on the back. The production of these screens takes place completely in Rottenburg, Germany.  All suppliers are coming from the region. Take advantage of the unique possibilities that the design offers you to spread enthusiasm among your customers.
The LOFTdesktop is available from 1.680,-EUR.


The elegant monitor LOFT desktop is an eye-catcher integrated in the reception counter, neat and tidy


In your meeting 27


Your individual desk with elegant monitor technology without the hassle of cables

Flexible desk monitor in a meeting room

The elegant monitor cannot always be permanently installed due to structural conditions. In addition to the built-in foot option with integrated cable routing, there is also a version with a base plate. In this way, the monitor can be freely positioned on the table. This model is very popular in meeting rooms. For a perfect integration, design a model yourself. The noble design parts of the monitor, the stand, the strip frame and the front or back are customizable. We will be happy to advise you or choose the configurator.

This reception desk below shows a perfect integration

Would you also like to offer your customers a perfectly styled reception? With LOFT desktop you are able to implement in your interior design and this classy elegant monitor is part of your stylistic device. This rotating monitor is easy to use and you can turn this stylisch monitor to your customer. For your economical work you get a adjustable stand. Customers and employees are equally enthusiastic and feel valued.

Continuous workplace design with this unique elegant monitor

On any desk, this flat and beautiful monitor is a real ornament. It is a tool and accessory at the same time. Its clear shape nestles individually into your environment. Whether for executive offices in silver and black design or all in white for a doctor's room.
Please check the possibilities with the configurator.

Elegant design monitor


And here some text

Stylish Elegant monitor highlights

LOFT desktop impress you with:
• A clean optik - no cables or mechanic are visable
• All parts are designable
• Own branding or double sided screen
• Special clear anti mirrored front glasses
• Optional integrated PCT Touchscreen
• Privacy protection for maximum disrection
• Fix installed with base mount or movable stand plate
• High adjustable over 200° turnable and swivable 50°
• Speaker 2 x 2 Watt
• Connectors in DisplayPort or HDMI cables
• Industrial IPS Panel with long and lifetime guarantee


Optional extras. Good to have.

LOFT desktop shows you our invisible cable integration. Everything fits together.

Intelligent smart and ingenious cable routing.

The cable routed invisible through the integrated cable guide under the table. All parts fits together, very precisely and harmoniously. After installing the screw-in base, the monitor and the cable are simply plugged-in and the cable is invisibly guided. HDMI or Display Port are then available as connections.

Elegant aluminum stand for any angle.

All design parts look harmoniously coordinated and are perfectly processed. Design your monitor via the configurator to give it its own look. There are no limits to your imagination and creativity. With the stable base made of polished and anodized aluminum, the monitor can be free rotated and swiveled. The adjustable stand is rotatable over 200°. The adjustable maximum swivel position 50°.

Details of the special stand with unviable cable integration - elegant monitor solution LOFT desktop
Elegant monitor LOFT desktop 27

Easy to create your own look.

The monitor shows its best side and integrates into your interior design like a chameleon. Each of its visible components can be individually designed. Whether glass aluminum, leather, Corean and many more - this is how flexible you can integrate the monitor into your CI.


Realized projects

FAQ – Loft desktop

  • For which areas of application is the LOFT desktop suitable? The LOFT desktop cuts a great figure everywhere in representative and designed areas such as in the reception, in service areas, in meeting rooms and of course also on the desk. Its characteristic design elements fit into the respective ambience and create a sense of space of a special kind.
  • How do I integrate the LOFT desktop in the furniture? The built-in foot is firmly screwed into the furniture through a hole in the table. Then place the monitor on this bracket.
    Would you like more detailed installation drawings? Please contact us at We look forward to you!
  • Why should I buy the LOFT desktop? People who feel comfortable at work are more motivated and productive. The monitors of the LOFT series are high-quality models made of glass and aluminum. They also can be color-coded into any interior without any compromises. The connection cables are invisibly guided under the table thanks to the exclusive aluminum stand.
  • What does an ergonomic computer workstation look like? An ergonomic workplace should optimally support the professional activity and minimize work-related stress as much as possible. For this reason, direct light should be avoided on the monitor. It is also important that the line of sight goes slightly downwards.
  • What connections do the monitors have and do they work with every PC? Thanks to industrially standardized connections such as HDMI, DVI or Displayport, all screens in the Novis family can be connected to any graphic output unit. On request, we can also provide older connections.
  • How much guarantee do I get on a device? You get a 3-year electronic guarantee and a lifetime guarantee on mechanical components.
  • Is the LOFT desktop suitable for the hotel reception? Hotels have been enthusiastic customers of the LOFT desktop for many years. With charm and elegant restraint, the monitor harmoniously completes every hotel reception.
    With the TWIN option you also have an incomparable opportunity to inform customers.
  • How far can I rotate and swivel the monitor? The design monitor can be rotated 360 degrees and swiveled up to 50 degrees.
  • What is the diagonal of a 23", 24" or 27" monitor? One inch is 2.54 cm. Thus, a 23 inch monitor has a diagonal of 58.4 cm, a 24 inch a diagonal of 61 cm and a 27 inch monitor has a diagonal of 68.6 cm.
  • How should the desk stand by the window? For good lighting conditions, it is best to position your desk at a right angle to the window. To ensure a calm working atmosphere, you should always have a good view of the entire room with the door and window.
  • How do I get installation drawings quickly? Get in contact with us, we don't bite! We are quick, friendly and flexible. Call or write an email to We are happy to hear from you!
  • How can I become a partner of Novis Technik GmbH? Are you interested in becoming a partner of ours? Call or write an email to We look forward to you!

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