Loft fold



Now in its 8th generation, the retractable monitor LOFT fold continues to impress worldwide with its perfect integration options. Designer and Architects have an invisible monitor solution and extraordinary stylistic device.
This finally closes the design gap between technology and interior. Novis manufactures attractive, functional monitor solutions with many years of know-how, innovative design and perfect service.
The LOFT FOLD is available from 1.700 € net.


The LOFT fold built-in monitor is built into the historic judges' table in accordance with the requirements.


Built-in monitor perfectly built into the table and unfolded LOFT fold screen


In the reception area at the counter, the LOFT fold monitor can be easily retracted.

Councils with retractable monitor desk

It is a very simple and easy to use system and very flat integrated in your table. With a fingertip you turn it around and bring it in every economical position. Now you’re be able to choose your own working distance. Weather electronic files, images or simply Excel sheets, everything is perfect clear in view. Your counterpart will also appreciate this. The monitor is so flat that nothing is masked.

Hidden Monitor desk for Conference tables

In the conference you need a relaxed viewing for everybody. It depends on the details.- Our special hardened front glass for a clear view with a anti mirror surface reduce over 90% of the reflections. Now you work with more contrast and brilliance beautiful colors.

Other technical highlights and features are the built-in touch, microphone, camera and speakers. Now everything is prepared. Let’s start your conference.

Reception in your favorite CI

Prepare a nice Welcome and impress your customers with a modern design environment. The first impression counts. Combine high quality materials such as Corean, granite, wood or leather to integrate the retractable monitor perfectly into your desk. If you don’t use mouse and keyboard, put it simply into the cover. Everything is cleaned up.


Loft fold hidden monitor for desks and tables impresses with:
• No cables, screws and mechanics are visable
• Ready and easy to mount kit (only 10 screws)
• Prepared for the backplate in table design
• Standard colors and materials
• Determine the look and the functions in custom line
• Installation depth of almost 10cm 
• Easy and free manual adjustments
• Standard screen diagonals 17,3", 21,5", 23", 27"
• Proven technology ensures long lifetime guarantee

Optional extras. Good to have.

Mouse cover
Keyboard cover

Our retractable monitor is the perfect addition to media technology for every conference

LOFT fold 23" retractable monitor in a conference room

Invisible monitor integrated in a conference room and conference table

Hidden monitors for perfect symbiosis.

After integrating the back panel into the table veneer, an absolutely flat and continuous surface with a circumferential joint of 2 mm is created. The plate is simply leveled with semi-liquid adhesive, best when installed.

Individual design to match your furniture.

Countless materials and colors can be applied. Designable is also the frame - here in black anodized aluminum - the front and our revisionable backplate. From any veneered panels from 4 mm, through leather to granite, everything is possible. If you don‘t like this design after years, you can simply swap it out.

Leicht zu öffnen unser im Konferenztisch integrierter Bildschirm
Achsführung unseres Einbaumonitor

Ergonomically adjustable for healthy working.

Our LOFT fold is set up ergonomically in just a few simple steps. Not only is the swivel angle freely adjustable, you can also freely choose the viewing distance by yourself. So the ideal working distance is always guaranteed.


Realized Projects

FAQ – Loft fold

  • Why should I buy the LOFT fold? - If you are looking for a monitor with ergonomically properties…
    - A designable monitor that can be flexibly installed in every furniture…
    - You need to install a very flat monitor solution -nothing gets in the way…
    - There are changing work environments and you would like to leave your workplaces without visible technology…
    - One device with many technical features microphone, speakers or camera…

    ...  then the LOFT fold is the right partner for you
  • What do I need? Either you have an existing table or you need a new one. It is recommended that you need a carpenter to prepare the cutouts in your table. He is also the professional to produce the backplate in the design of the table surface.
  • What does Novis deliver and what is included with the LOFT fold? Included is the complete monitor with his folding frame. It is a ready to mount kit. Also you find mounting materials like screws and manuals.
  • What connections does the monitors have and do they work with every PC? Thanks to industrially standardized connections such as HDMI, DVI or Displayport, all screens in the Novis family can be connected to any graphic output unit. On request, we can also provide older connections.
  • How much guarantee do I get on a device? You get a 3-year electronic guarantee and a lifetime guarantee on mechanical components.
  • What is the best way to install the LOFT fold in your table? Ask for the installation drawings in your wished format. There are details drawings prepared for CAM with our Solidworks Version to produce the countertop!Prepare your cutouts and bring the RAMPAS in place. Take the whole device and screw it under the worktop with the delivered 10 x M6 screws. After fitting, fix the screws. It is time for the first test drive. Nothing grinds and everything runs smoothly. Last check for all distances and gap dimensions. Time to glue the backplate. Simply apply the plate with semi-liquid installation glue and level it out with your countertop. Dry out. Finally, just fine adjust the swivel resistance, if it is necessary. All done.
  • What do I have to pay attention to in terms of lighting at my Workplace with the LOFT fold LCD monitor? Of course you can swivel or move the LOFT fold in the perfect position to avoid reflections but the main thing is NO DIRECT LIGHTING. Avoid glare and reflections from above or from the front. If there is a window try to work parallel to it or install a light protection.
  • How do I get installation drawings quickly? Get in contact with us, we don't bite! We are quick, friendly and flexible. Call or write an email to We are happy to hear from you!
  • Why is the LOFT fold so ergonomic? Thanks to its individual adjustability, the LOFT fold is very ergonomic. It is infinitely variable in terms of distance and angle of inclination. Its flat installation situation ensures barrier-free, glare-free and ergonomic work.
  • How do I unfold the LOFT fold? You simply press the flap and the monitor swivels towards you. Just fold it up manually, a piece of cake. Freely choose your desired work position.

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