Volksbank RheinAhrEifel

Personal advice and digital service in a feel-good atmosphere
Only an event level was intended to be created in the venerable Art Nouveau villa - instead, a modern administrative headquarter emerged that sets standards in terms of urban planning, design and energy.


Modern administrative headquarters of the Volksbank RheinAhrEifel in Mayen as a composition of old and new

With the relocation of the main entrance and the reduction of the mighty roof structures, a completely new appearance from the outside and interior inside is possible. This as a result presents a harmonious overall design that connects new and old via the listed facade.

Representative and inviting

Today, the administrative headquarters of the Volksbank RheinAhrEifel in Mayen shows a representative entrance area with inviting architecture, complete accessibility, personal advice and the latest technology. The focus of the redesign of the branch was the question of how a Volksbank is positioning itself correctly for the future and, at the same time, communicating its proximity to the customer in terms of design in accordance with its guiding principle “Wir sind Heimat” (‘we are “home”’).

The result is a concept for the customer hall with a high level of media technology and automation. Clearly restrained relative to the friendly service and information point staff. The built-in monitor NOVIS LOFTfold fits perfectly here. It is hardly higher than the table’s surface and can be folded flush and invisibly with a simple hand movement when it is not needed. Whether information and forms are digital or physical, the setting is adapted to the needs of the situation in no time.

The media lounge in the background is intended to enable informal collaboration between consultants and customers in an unobtrusive atmosphere in order to introduce them to digital media.

The counseling needs of families with small children were also considered. There is a family consultation room with a play corner for the little ones. In this way, the parents have an eye on their offspring, while being able to concentrate on talking to the advisor. The advisor can present information on the large flat screen, which is standard in all consultation rooms.

Color and materiality for identification

The color "orange" in combination with modern white and blue carpet as a design feature and the identification with the colors of the Volksbank is used in the customer hall and the other public areas. This way they are staged effectfully, modernly and transparently. In contrast, the Management and event area are rather reserved, simple and elegant in their design language. The design principles run through all areas equally, but instead of strong colors, dark wood and finely coordinated earth tones are used in combination with the clear white.

In addition to the event level, the stylish, understated atmosphere encompasses the entire board area with the elegant, elongated reception desk. It can also be found in the offices behind it, the central waiting area with coffee bar, the high-quality board offices, as well as the imposing meeting room. In this meeting room the architecturally exciting "double wall" really comes into effect through the art nouveau facade in front. It allows exciting views in glass and masonry.

Volksbank and the retractable monitors from Novis

Interior Design
Jürgen Keiper

Project Partner
noll werkstätten GmbH

Volksbank RheinAhrEifel eG

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