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Are you creative, planner, problem solver, facilitator, space thinker, troublemaker, rebel, innovation-driven or sustainability-loving? In addition to the artistic design, is your entrepreneurial skill always in demand? Are you a generalist with a love for detail?



What is Thonet particularly good at? Design the perfect space for communication. The courage to always dare to try new things has made Thonet known worldwide - with groundbreaking technologies and outstanding design - without forgetting the roots of the long company tradition.

Gehri AG

Gehri AG

Room and furniture solutions that convince: distinctive, aesthetic, innovative, functional and sustainable. Swiss quality, competence and passion included. Interdisciplinary, from a single source or as partial services for your property.

Noll Werkstätten

Noll Werkstätten

Interior finishing with enthusiasm. For more than 60 years. Creative planning, high-quality craftsmanship, reliable implementation and individual service. From the first sketch to the acceptance of the finished interior, your project will be professionally looked after.

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Product brochure

Overview of areas of application, variants, options and the technical data for the products.

Do you want the power for detail?

Are you a creative, planner, problem solver, innovation-driven or sustainability-loving? Are you a generalist with attention to detail?

Do you need documents for planning and implementation?

Technical drawings, 3D models, tender texts, etc.

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If you have any questions about the products or would you like to find out more about the reference, please contact us.

Alexander Rehorst.

+49 (0) 7457 696 272

Please request any documents you need for planning and implementation via mail or phone. Technical drawings, 3D models, texts for tenders, etc. Product brochures with an overview of areas of application, variants, options and technical data can be found in the Downloads area.


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