Verwaltungs-gericht Bayreuth

Ready for the electronic file. The Bavarian Administrative Court of Bayreuth equips its conference rooms with media technology for the use of electronic files and electronic legal communication.


In the course of the structural renovation of one of the conference rooms at the Bavarian Administrative Court of Bayreuth, which was necessary anyway, the opportunity was used to equip this room with the technical equipment required for the use of electronic files and electronic legal communication.

With the ongoing involvement of the users of the hall from both judicial and non-judicial staff and the great commitment of the staff responsible for judicial IT, a solution tailored to the specific needs of administrative jurisdiction could be developed.

The hall now has the following special features:

  • a 90-inch wall monitor behind the bench for participants and the public
  • A pivoting 65-inch wall monitor on the side wall for the judge's bench
  • Three mini PCs on the bench with NOVIS LOFTfold touch monitors, wireless keyboard and mouse that can be retracted into the bench
  • a mini PC with a NOVIS LOFTdesktop that can be rotated through 360 degrees, wireless keyboard and mouse for the secretary
  • a Blu-ray player with a USB connection for the playback of storage media from those involved in the proceedings
  • a document camera (visualizer)
  • a microphone system with six wireless microphones, which can be positioned variably in the hall if required
  • a media control system to be controlled via a control tablet on the judge's bench
Administrative courts in Bavaria successfully rely on Novis monitors

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